Create a new Jira issue from a Template

It's very Easy to create a new Jira issue using previously saved Teamplate. Follow the steps:

  • Go to your Jira instance
  • Click “(+) Templates” button on the left side bar
  • Load Template
  • Modal window will be opened asking you to fill parameters
    • Project Name
    • Issue Type
    • Template Name
    • Choose Template
  • Click "Create"

A new Jira issue will be created pre-filled with following fields

  • Summary
  • Description

Sub-tasks will be auto generated for corresponding issue containing own summary and descriptionsIssue Created. Template Loaded

If no templates found corresponding to a selected issue type - then the error message will appear Load Template Error

You can use a hotkey to call the Templates selection dialog. Just press "x" being inside your Jira instance.

Feedback note

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